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Bonnie’s vision is really her therapy. Two years ago, with no symptoms she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Her friends and family rallied around her and one friend in particular said, “stop feeling sorry for yourself. Find something you love to do and go and reinvent yourself.” And that is what she has done…

Bonnie Schwartz, the artist uses her “artistic license” to create art from license plates. Most think of a license plate as just a piece of metal but it is so much more – it is the thumbprint of the automobile, it is the Americana – each one is unique.

Each picture that she creates has its own history, and tells its own story, she has created customized logos of both prominent celebrities, sports teams, university mascots, comic book heroes, automotive motifs and most recently has been able to truly capture any portrait – take a look at the custom section of this site – you will be amazed at what can be created with a license plate.

Many have said that Bonnie’s work is simply more than a conversation piece, like any great piece of art, it defines the room that is graces.